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Name: Arcade Machine

This Arcade classic design can be customised to your ideas and to suit your home decor

This machine includes a light-up marquee and quality printed front and side vinyl graphics.

Inspired by classic arcade machines of the 80 s, this is an upright, multi game arcade machine featuring over 7500 games from the consoles, hand-helds and arcades of the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 00s.

A two player cabinet, the design is relatively slim and with choice of colour/finish options it's sure to fit any room. All the controls are commercial grade, making each machine rugged and reliable. The machines are powered by the latest Raspberry Pi running RetroPie and EmulationStation.

All our machines are plug and play with absolutely no setup required after delivery.

A perfect complement to your Mancave 

If your require graphics or patterns that are  it in our gallery give us a call and we can help create that perfect home arcade

160cm (Height) x 60cm (Width) x 45cm (Depth)

Primary Construction
Fire Retardant MDF (18mm)

20 Inch 4:3 Ratio Dell TFT Monitor

Dual Speaker Stereo Sound via MOSFET Stereo Amplifier

Raspberry Pi 3 Quad Core Linux Computer - 1GB RAM - 64GB Flash (MicroSD) Storage

2 Player Zippyy Ball Top Joysticks and Concave Micro-switched (E-Switch) Buttons

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