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Company: Crest Leather

Colorado is a natural grain, lightly oiled and waxed, pull up hide with aniline finishing. Natural markings and grain variation will be in evidence. The pull up effect however is smaller, limited by the slightly thicker substance of the hides (1.1 - 1.2mm) and their particular semi aniline tanning process.

BRAND: Crest Leather

COLLECTION: Colorado Leather

CHARACTERISTICS: Colour fastness to dry & wet rubbing

DRY: 50 cycles min grade 4 grey scale

WET: 20 cycles min grade 3/4 grey scale

PERSPIRATION: 20 cycles min 3 grey scale

COLOUR FASTNESS TO LIGHT: Min 3 blue scale EN105 - B02

FINISH ADHESION: Min 2N/10mm ISO 11644 dry adhesion


LEATHER CARE: A damp cloth and a pure mild soap solution will remove most stains. Care should be taken not to soak the leather. Do not use detergent. A number of proprietary leather cleaners and foods can be purchased to care for this type of leather.

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