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Bespoke Furniture

Images Courtesy of GDHV

Wish Interiors offer a full Custom & Bespoke service for all our hand made furniture.

We know that everyone is unique and different so wish interiors will make your furniture as unique as our discerning customers. Over 60 years of experience, using traditional upholstery methods we are enabled to accommodate most of the unique requirements and individual choice giving you the perfect piece of furniture at the highest quality.

Fabric & Leather Choices

From designer quality fabrics and leathers to our new printed leather the options are unlimited. We only show a small percentage and selection of coverings available on our website. Let us know your exact needs and we aim to find the most suitable material for you.

Choices of different leg styles

Different leg-styles are available for you to choose from. Please contact us if you can't find the leg-styles you would like as we can source most styles for you, if necessary, we can make them by hand to your requirements.

Bespoke sizes

Because we make your frame from start to finish you can alter standard sizes to suit you needs. There is no size too small or too big for us to make. We can accommodate all requirements from very small changes in details to a complete chang of design and look. Small changes can make a difference in the overall appearance or comfort of our furniture. From wider or smaller arms, different backrest, altered seat-depth, modified seat or back-cushions, combining different covering materials- virtually everything is possible, limited only by your own imagination.

Full Bespoke Designs

If you are still finding it hard to get the right furniture for you we can make any design you require. Just contact us with a drawing/sketch or image of the sofa/chair or any furniture you require.