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Fabric & Leather Gallery

Find the perfect leather or fabrics for your upholstery by browsing are online gallery . Simply click on the Products tap on the left hand side to browse our different covering options for your new furniture.

Please email us at info@wishinteriors.com if you would like to use your own fabrics or for us to source fabrics or leathers not shown.

Custom Printed Fabrics

Our new printed options are contract grade faux suede has a brushed surface that gives the fabric an extremely soft feel and handle, and makes the fabric feel "warmer" to the touch, and is therefore ideal for products that may come into direct contact with the skin, to provide a comfortable, yet functional feel. The depth of the brushed pile of the fabric does not overwhelm it, and so this means that any prints, designs or photographs that are printed onto the product, will maintain their integrity, and have a hard wearing rub test to withstand everyday use in a domestic and contract interior surroundings it also flame retardant for that extra peice of mind.

Or Printed luxury velvets for all upholstery and are UK and produces super sharp prints with very clear details. With the shiny shimmery finish to the face of Velvet, images look impressive with the added sheen. Its shiny surface reflects light well and catches the eye when either stationary or movi