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Wishinteriors.com has added Jean Paul Gaultier prestigious collection of Fabics and wall coverings.

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Jean Paul Gaultier is a French couturier born in 1982 in Arceuil, France. In 1970, on his 18th birthday, he joined the Pierre Cardin couture house, where he would stay for a year before joining Jacques Esterel followed by Jean Patou in 1971.

October of 1976, the designer launched his own couture house under his name. He presented his first Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection in Paris in 1977. His commercial and media success was slow to follow, though his taste for mixing of genres was already apparent, such as the infamous leather biker jacket mixed with a ballerina tutu. In 1978, after the Grease collection Jean Paul Gaultier was ready to throw in the towel from lack of finance.

However, Dominique Emschwiller, head of the Bus Stop boutique in Paris, and Yoshio Nakamoto from Kashiyama, commissioned him to create a clothing line. The collection was a success, and Jean Paul Gaultier SA was officially launched three years later. In 1983, the designer launched his first men's ready-to-wear collection entitled L'Homme-Objet for the Spring-Summer 1984 line. That same year, the designer launched his first corset dress. "Atypical designer looks for atypical models, ugly faces welcome" announced Jean Paul Gaultier in the Libération newspaper at the beginning of the '80s.

Rejecting the prevailing esthetic norm and earning himself the name "the bad boy of fashion", he was the first to organize random castings and celebrate upside-down dress. His 1984 collection entitled And God created Man made a media splash when Jean Paul Gaultier created men's skirts. In keeping with the spirit of challenging traditional fashion for both men and women, androgyny began to appear as a reoccurring theme through the 1985 summer collection entitled Une garde-robe pour deux (wardrobe for two), where he presented a bustier coupled with a smoking jacket.

Eternal rebel and but constant visionary, Jean Paul Gaultier is a whirlwind of provocation. In 1986, the first Jean Paul Gaultier boutique opened shop in the Vivienne gallery, located at 4 rue Petits Champs in Paris. Two years later, he launched the mass market Junior Gaultier collection . In 1990, Jean Paul Gaultier was chosen to create costumes for Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour. Worn on stage by the star, the corset cone shaped bra became the couturier's most famous piece.

In 1993, the first perfume for women was launched. Baptized Femme and then Classique, it was followed in 1995 by the men's fragrance Le Mâle. That same year, he created the costumes for Jean-Pierre Jeunet's The City of Lost Children followed two years later by Luc Besson's The Fifth Element. In 1997, Jean Paul Gaultier presented his first haute couture collection, Gaultier Paris, followed by the Le Hussard (2002), Le Morphing (2003), Les Samouraïs (2004) and Les Capes (2004) collections. Jean Paul Gaultier's first fur collection was presented in 1998. In July of 2003, the house launched their first make-up collection for men entitled Tout Beau Tout Propre, followed by a unisex perfume in 2005 entitled Gaultier². In July 2011, the house launched Kokorico, a fragrance for men.