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Previous Projects

"GaGA" by Gemma Compton

Gemma Compton is an artist/fashion designer based in Bristol, UK. As a self confessed 'perfectionist' her highly detail work with its strong style has crossed from garments to gallery walls.

Being brought up in a small town in the sleepy Cotswold's sparked a life long love for nature, particularly ornithology and the British countryside. Her work draws influence from the flawless, high glamour imagery used throughout the creative industry. Magazines to billboards, pop culture and celebrity, mixed up with a sense of freedom from the natural world.

Gemma works mainly with a mixture of acrylics and fine pencil work on found objects and canvas.

"Alas" by ©opy®ight

Copyright grew up on the mean streets of Bristol foraging for Panda Pop, Fizz Bombs and Cola Cubes and as a result spent many sugar fuelled nights scribbling on walls with the finest quality crayons. 

A natural talent for art soon developed and he gained fans quickly, his dad still has a fabulous collection of early works that would rival Saatchi and he was soon short listed for the well prestigious Tony Hart 'Gallery' and Blue Peter's 'Wall of Fame'. 

After watching the bigger kids he soon dropped the crayons and picked up the spray can and the future as they say is history. Roses and Ladies started to spring up all over London and as his work evolved it transferred from the streets to the galley and from walls to canvas. Soon the magazines came knocking at his door but he stood firm he wouldn't go topless no matter how much they offered. 

The remaining years have been filled with legitamate magazine features and shows in London, US, Bristol, Tokyo and Newcastle.